Our Vision

To be the Management System Solution Provider in Nigeria
Mission Statement
To help our clients achieve their most ambitious goals and strategy in achieving customer satisfaction

Our Core Values

Since its inception, MOC has been governed by its core values which shape the culture, behavior, operations, decision making and define the character of our organization.
Our core value is called
Client Value Creation
Respect for the Individual

Environmental Policies

As a management consultancy utilising associates from across Nigeria we have developed and apply an appropriate environmental policy which is both practical and manageable. We recognise the need to identify the aspects of our operations which can have an impact on the environment including the impact the solutions we provide can have when used by our clients.

We will meet or improve upon all legal and other requirements applicable to the markets and sectors in which we operate. We will consider our environmental responsibilities in our decision making processes. We have procedures in place within our Management System which are designed to comply with the main requirements of ISO14001:2004.
Our key environmental objectives are:

  • Re-use all printer paper for note taking
  • Re-cycle ALL paper through approved schemes including local council roadside collections where they exist.
  • Re-cycle ALL printer cartridges and where possible use recycled / refilled toner and Ink cartridges.
  • To use electronic communications where possible
  • Review computer and printer purchases for energy usage & efficiency. We use low energy bulbs where appropriate.

We communicate this policy to our staff and customers through our website and all Associates are asked to adhere to this environmental policy in the locations in which they are based.

Reasons To Choose Us

1. Professional senior quality management expertise
2. Practical solutions that work for you
3. Frees up your people to do what they do best
4. Tailor made solutions to your problems
5. Experience of small and large organisations
6. History of satisfied customers
7. Long term benefits not quick fixes
8. Flexible, effective and value for money
9. Support for you when you need it
10. Great to work with

About Us

Martins O. Consultant Limited does not believe in the concept of "off the shelf" management products. We recognise the unique individuality of every organisation and build solutions for each individual case, which reflect and respond to the characteristics of our customers’ organisations.

Because we don’t take our customer’s requirements for granted we spend time understanding what they are trying to achieve before jumping in with a proposal. This may be one reason why our approach has been valued by small and medium sized organisations in particular as they endeavour to create new products, enter new markets and expand their businesses.

Martins O. Consultant Limited has its origins in Change Management and Business Excellence. As you might imagine therefore, we hold strong beliefs in the principles of Total Quality and our products reflect this by exploiting the links between ALL aspects of an excellent business, be it sound leadership, effective policy deployment, involving employees or leading edge process management.
We recognise though that, without hard edges these aspirations may well remain just dreams.

Using tools such as the (ISO) standards we have improved the performance of businesses We believe that we can help your organisation find ways of making these principles "live".
Unlike the larger consultancies, who have marketing professionals who come along and tell you what they will do but then send some else to do the work, we believe it is vitally important to really understand your needs. For this reason the consultant you meet for first time you contact us will be the one who works with you on the project.
Why not contact us now and arrange an appointment to see how we can really help improve your business.

Our Commitment To You

Martins O. consultant is an organisation that specialises in helping our customers to achieve their aims. We will not question your vision of what you are trying to achieve (unless you ask us to); in fact if we believe it to be wrong we will not take on the work. What we will do is understand you to find the best solution to your problem and after agreeing the way forward we will work with you to effectively implement the changes in your organisation.
We prefer to work with small and medium sized organizations or individual departments so that we can give a personal touch to everyone in the organisation. Our commitment to small business is total – after all some 80% of the wealth in the Nigeria is generated by small businesses.

We will scope out your requirements, develop products that meet your needs – we won’t just force fit something we already have. We will assist you with deployment of the product and finally we will always learn from what we’ve done by asking you how we have performed – we want to know what we could have done better. We will not walk away after giving you a report, we will make our products work for your organisation.
We are always happy to discuss concepts and ideas with potential new customers and to develop these for consideration in advance of any formal contract.
This site has been designed to give you a taste of what Martins O. consultant can offer you. Please use our enquiry form for more detailed information about any particular area you are interested in or give us a call for friendly advice.

Quality Policy

As a Nigeria registered Consultancy & training organisation, Martins O. consultant recognises that Excellence and Quality is not achieved by inspection or by accident, but by good working practice and by deliberate effort and has set the policy as stated:
Martins O. Consultant is committed to meeting her customer satisfaction in terms of consultancy and training in consideration with Time and cost to continually improve her system without contravening the regulatory and statutory laws

  • That all Staff & Associates be committed to an active role in the continued improvement of quality.
  • That client satisfaction is paramount and achieved by providing consistently high levels of service.

The company has adopted a Quality Management System designed to meet the fundamental principles of the Excellence Model and also comply with the key requirements of ISO 9001:2008. We are working towards externally recognized compliance with a UKAS certification organisation.
These requirements include a commitment to continually improve the effectiveness of the management system and provide a framework for establishing and reviewing quality objectives via the regular management review meetings. The Principal Consultant of Martins O. consultant limited has accepted responsibility for the maintenance of this Excellence and Quality Policy.

The Management of Martins O. consultant

Mr Martins Agbetuyi  the Principal Consultant is a graduate of Mechanical Engineering from University of Port Harcourt  with over 15 years in Quality Assurance, Quality Control and Quality Management systems both development and training. He is equally a certified trainer and consultant in the field of management systems

He is a certified International Register of Certificated Auditor’s Lead Auditor and one of the foremost Nigerian to be registered as IRCA Auditor, experienced in Manufacturing, production utility and of course Oil and Gas Management System, he was Quality management Representative to many Reputable Organization before now.

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