Martins O. Consultant offers training and workshops which concentrate on the key issues affecting businesses today.
Issues such as:

Are you prepared for the unexpected? - Business Continuity and Risk Management

How to use quality management initiatives
- Do you need them - are they right for you?

Improve your organisation's performance
- Business improvement tools and techniques




What we do

We provide expert advice and support in the areas of business management and the tools listed in the menus on this page. Because we believe no consultancy is valuable unless provided by people who understand the needs of your business and what will and won’t work for you, we always begin with an initial consultation meeting to scope out exactly what you want to achieve.

After that, if we don’t believe we can provide you with something of real use to your business, we will tell you so. We pride ourselves on our client satisfaction and have no interest in providing you with a service that has little value for you. If, however, we do think we can help we will send you a written proposal.
No job is too small or too large for us.

Business Efficiency
Every business needs to continuously improve its performance and efficiency. Traditionally this has happened when some external factor makes the company sit up and take notice that it needs to change or it will fail. Companies delivering success at the top of their sector tend to look at business efficiency improvement as crucial to their continued success.
Using tools such as:

Business improvement can become part of the day to day operations and make a significant difference to the bottom line and future sustainability of the organisation.

Management Systems & Standards
Systems and standards come in many forms from internationally recognised management systems for quality and environmental systems such as ISO 9001 and ISO14001 to specialist standards in particular industries.
Many customers demand that a company has a particular standard before they do business with them; tender documents tend to ask for evidence of a quality system and its operation.
Beware of those standards which can be achieved with minimal effort and in a short space of time, usually you are just paying for the badge. A system that really works for you will not only comply with the international standard but provide ongoing improvements to the way you business works. When selecting a certification body make sure it is an UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service) approved organisation, many of your potential clients will not want to know you unless you certification is from a UKAS approved body.
Martins O Consultant will work with you to develop. Install and operate a management system that is right for you and then recommend an approved UKAS certification body to undertake your audit.

Process & Performance Improvement
Process Performance Improvement covers a range of standards (e.g. ISO 9001) and tools (e.g. Lean) which all share the common purpose of improving efficiency and effectiveness through managing key processes better.
Our experts will provide advice and guidance to help you decide which of the many options will deliver the best solution to suit your needs. This will depend on whether your focus is, for example, on overall quality of product/service, reducing cost, or improving customer satisfaction. We have a range of tools and techniques such as process mapping which we will use with you to get the results you need.

  • ISO 9001 – an international standard for quality of service and product
  • Lean - a tool which re-engineers processes by concentrating on driving out unnecessary costs and other waste
  • Six Sigma – an internationally recognised method of reducing variation in processes

All of our workshops can be tailored to be run in-house if you have several people wishing to attend this can be more cost effective to your organisation.


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